Sunday, September 14, 2014

Some questions based on Ex-CAG Rai’s disclosures.

Some questions based on Ex-CAG Rai’s disclosures.
Mr. Rai’s recent interview did not really tell us much more than what we have known since the CAG reports came out. We know that Manmohan Singh did not act to stop the misdeeds that happened under his watch. What was new was what Kamalnath has said publically. All this give rise to some questions.
If coal allocation since 1993 is irregular as the SC has said, why did no CAG report till recently point his out? We have had several governments of different parties and combination in the last 20 years and they all followed the same policies. So are they all guilty? Is allocating blocks to power plants bad policy as long as the coal from captive mines is used only for power generation and the coal from these is not sold to the third party. Is there any mention of the role of state governments where these mines are located? Every ministry has a consultative committee to oversee its working comprising of MPs from both the houses. Did this committee raise any objections on this allotment ever?  If not are these committees are also not responsible? Since the CAG has estimated potential loss to the nation due to this discretionary allocation of mines, have they calculated what would have been the price of power if blocks were auctioned?  Surely if loss can be calculated then the price of power to end user can also be calculated?
All allocations made to companies that are not eligible have to be cancelled and these allocations must be probed and the guilty must be quickly prosecuted and punished. I am also surprised the report does not seem to have anything to say about the affairs of CIL. The Coal mafia is a fact in the Easten Indian states and the theft of coal is a routine affair. Why that part is not covered by the CAG? Is this not hurting the national interests year after year?
In 2 G case the court has already cancelled all licenses and auctions have already taken place. However the legal process of prosecution is taking ages. The cases need to be fast tracked. It is also strange that the consultative committee of this ministry also does not seem to have found anything wrong with allocation of spectrum for years. In this case the fact that Raja changed the rules of the game at the last moment is very clear. It is strange that no aggrieved company went to the court against this!
If CAG does audit every year then all these facts should have come out much earlier. So is the CAG audit not being conducted in time? In our enthusiasm to only blame Manmohan Singh for all the mess, should we not be also looking at the other checks in the system that seem to have failed in these incidences. It will serve the nation much better if we do not over look this fact. We have to make sure the system functions the way it must and if it is not we need to correct it.
Let us now demand quick action on legal front and punish all those who have failed the nation.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

काबू अस्वस्थतेवर

काबू अस्वस्थतेवर
समोरच्या दोन डोळ्यात
ओळखीची चमक दिसली
चेहरा पहिला पण
कुठलीच निशाणी ओळखीची
नाही जाणवली.
हसलो तरी मी
तो ही हसला मिश्किलपणे
आणि म्हणाला
ओळखत का?
मी ओशाळून नाही म्हणालो,
तर तो जोरात हसला
म्हणाला मी तरी तुला
कुठे ओळखतो पण
पाहून तुला म्हणल
हसाव की थोड
कारण चेहर्‍यावर तुझ्या
खिन्नत भासली,
म्हणून हसलो आणि
मग तू ही तर हसलाकी
आता ती खिन्नता कमी
तूही असच करत जा
काय जाणो कुणाला तरी
बर वाटेल थोडा वेळ!
एवढं बोलून नाहीसा झाला
पण मग मी ही आता
तसच करतो
स्वस्थ दिसणार्‍या चेहर्‍यांकडे
बघून मी ही हसतो
आणि त्यांना फरक पडतो का
माहीत नाही पण माझी
मात्र अस्वस्थता काबूत राहते!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Why BJP does not want fresh polls in Delhi?

Why BJP does not want fresh polls in Delhi?
It is very very strange that BJP that swept all 7 Lok Sabha seats in Delhi does not want to have fresh polls in Delhi for the assembly. I had thought that this what the new government would order promptly.
The BJP does not have a majority in the present assembly and neither does AAP the second largest party. AAP has lost a lot of sympathy since its stunning show in the last polls. Kejriwal’s resignation as CM did not go down well with the public. AAP could not win anything in LS polls.
BJP on the other hand scored a stunning victory across the nation. The Modi wave is apparent. So why this shying away from fresh polls? Does the BJP believe the opinion polls that are suggesting that AAP still maintains its appeal in Delhi and that it may not be able to secure the majority?
The sting operation by AAP released yesterday is a shame for BJP if it is a genuine recording. Are there some people in BJP trying to sabotage Modi? BJP had maintained that it will not indulge in horse trading and would rather face fresh elections. So what has changed?
If Amit Shah is confident that BJP will win all the four states that will go to polls shortly and also that his party will UP in the next elections why this reluctance when it comes to Delhi? Why is the PM not asking the party to go for elections?
Something does not seem right about this whole affair. BJP and Modi will enhance their image in the minds of the people if they even now change track and seek fresh polls in Delhi. Hope better sense prevails!


Monday, September 8, 2014

कोणी कोणाला निर्माण केल?

कोणी कोणाला निर्माण केल?
देवाला वेठीला धरणारे आजचे भक्त
असहायपणे आपली विटंबना पहाणारे देव
कोणी कोणाला निर्माण केल
याच हे विदारक सत्य.
पुजा अर्चना यांची सामग्री
यादी तरी केली कोणी?
देवाला आवडणारी फुले
आणि पक्वान्ने ठरवली कोणी?
देवांच्या जन्म तारखा कोणी
नक्की केल्या? कुठल्या कुडमुड्याने
देवांच्या कुंडल्या लिहल्या?
प्रत्येक महिन्यात एकेका देवाची
जयंती बरी साधली,
पल्या पोटापाण्याची सोय छान केली
आणि वरती निर्लजपणे
म्हणतात देवांनी केली
सृष्टीची निर्मिती!
यांनीच देव निर्मिले, आणि त्यांची
आपणास भीती घातली
तिचे भक्तीत रूपांतर करण्याचे
उपाय ही संगितले,
फक्त हे नाही संगितले,
देवा वर प्रेम करावे
फार तर नाम स्मरण करावे
त्या साठी बाकी कशाची
गरज नाही
देवा ठाई भीतीची
देवाची ही अपेक्षा नाही!


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Let us try and turn the tragedy in J & K in an opportunity!

Let us try and turn the tragedy in J & K in an opportunity!
Management students are told day in and day out that good managers are those who convert disasters into opportunities. We as a nation and especially the political leadership and here I mean all parties and not just the government to turn the present unprecedented natural fury caused human tragedy into an opportunity of better integration of the valley with the rest of the country. It’s an opportunity and a huge challenge for all of us. Question is, are we willing to take it. I have seen comments on social media saying let the people in Kashmir suffer because they have refused to integrate and also because they way they treated the Pandits. I hope such people are in a minority.
In this tragedy the separatists’ are fully exposed and their lack of any organization to help the suffering people is thoroughly exposed. On the other hand the administration and the armed forces have been seen doing all that they can. This should help restoration of faith in administration as well as in armed forces. The central government has responded to the crisis splendidly since the visit of the PM yesterday.
It is quite clear that all affected and marooned people cannot be reached immediately as this is unprecedented and we all know how unprepared we normally are for such things. But the efforts are being made. Such situations do present a huge logistic and men and equipment challenges as we saw in Uttarakhand two years back or even during the land slide tragedy in Maharashtra just recently.
We now need to fully support the reconstruction work in Jammu and the valley once the fury of the nature abates. This is a great chance to make sure that the Pandits get back their land and property and also get rid of unauthorized constructions everywhere. Let us rebuild town and villages and make them an example for the rest of the country.
Except for people in Punjab, Bangal and Kashmir we all have not experienced the pain of partition of our land. We have never been refugees. We have not experienced the pain of our near and dear ones living just across the border but whom we cannot meet for years or worse ever! The nearest we in Maharashtra we have come to this experience is Belgaum not being part of the state and we are still fighting over it!
Common Kashmiris are not in favor of breaking away from India and this has been proved time and time again in many elections. We have supported these common people through massive dose of essential goods at subsidized rates. They need employment that will make them financially secure. Tourism from the rest of the country remains major source of income. We need to bring in more foreign tourists as well. But that alone is not sufficient as tourism generates low grade jobs. We need to give opportunities for professional education to the population there because they also have aspirations to rise in life and not just do menial jobs. This aspiration must be fulfilled. If we can give economic security then we can talk about withdrawing Article 370.
I hope all political parties rise above political rhetoric and unitedly create a feeling of love among the Kashmiris.
It’s an opportunity that has presented itself. I hope P M Modi takes it and takes the entire nation with him in this task. It is a golden opportunity for him and his party to make a mark!


An Open letter to PUMBA alumni

An Open letter to PUMBA alumni
Dear friends,
Being associated with PUMBA for a fairly long time I have some thoughts on how the alumni can contribute to PUMBA. These are my personal thoughts. I have no decision making power at PUMBA. But as a well wisher and concerned faculty of the institution I am putting them down.
I know that many students are disappointed while they are at PUMBA for various reasons and the thing that I have heard often is what did we get here, that we should help the institute now? We are only remembered when placement season starts, otherwise we are completely ignored is another complaint. Can we call upon our students to please help the institute achieve something that they feel we lack at present?
Here are some of the things I would appeal you all to consider:
Will some of you be willing to take a group of five students under your wings and mentor them?
Will you look at their presentations before they make them in the class and guide them?
Will you please find some time from to time to come to the campus and interact with some students?
If students write some research papers will some of you please have a look at them and give feed back?
Can some of you conduct mock interviews from the placement perspective?
Can you write your own thoughts on happenings that you believe the present batches must know of?
Can some of you contribute articles for Nexus?
Can you keep in touch with the cells you worked for while on campus and guide them on how to do things professionally?
For every event that happens on campus can some of you volunteer to be the judges in areas of your choice?
Could you tell the Alumni Cell on what subjects you could take guest lectures?
Can some of you who may have become Entrepreneurs guide students who may wish to become entrepreneurs?
Yes you can ask what will PUMBA do for us in return? I have no answer to this question.
What I can request current students is to keep in touch with you and inform you about all the things that they organize on the campus. Take suggestions from you as to what they should do. We will try and keep you informed about achievements of past students.
This is an earnest appeal to all of you consider and give your suggestions to the Alumni Cell.
Wishing you all the very best always,
Anil Agashe

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Scotland’s vote of independence and India.

Scotland’s vote of independence and India.
Scotland will shortly vote in a referendum to decide if it should be a part of UK or should it become an independent nation. The current polls seem to suggest that the verdict is very close to call as 51% seem to be in favor vs 49% against.
Many in India are likely to rejoice if Scotland votes for independence calling it punishment for the partition of India. I think it will be a very short sighted response.
If Scotland does vote for independence from UK it will be a precedent for many regions of many countries to seek freedom through referendum. We have seen the breakup of USSR and the problems that it created and the continuing Ukraine crisis. On the other hand we have seen unification of Vietnam and Germany that seems to be working fine. The breakup of Yugoslavia was bloody and painful. If Scotland does go for independence it will be through a peaceful process of majority of those voted siding for it.
There are elements in our own country who will welcome this as their own chance of seeking referendum to attain freedom. Tamil parties in early 60s were championing the cause of secession from India. The Khalistan movement of late 70s to early 90s was demanding the same. Kashmir has enough elements who will welcome this. We had similar movements in North Eastern States for many years mainly in Nagaland in 50s and 60s led by Phizo and in Mizoram thereafter for a long time.
Rejoicing in someone else’s’ misery and problems is something that comes to some people naturally. Most people in India rejoice everything bad that happens to Pakistan and every strike by Israel. This is surprising in a country of Budhha and Gandhi, but this is the reality.
We need neither rejoice nor feel sad if Scotland opts for independence. Essentially it is none of our business. The tussle between Scottish and English has a long history, just like Ireland that has successfully become independent of UK.
We need to only guard against secessionist movements in our country and deal with them by addressing the real grievances expeditiously and acting firmly against any anti national moves.