Friday, October 24, 2014

नियतीचा शाप!

नियतीचा शाप!
आज ह्याची पुजा, उद्या तिची
हा सिलसिला पुराण काळा पासून
असावा सुरू आणि हल्ली तर
फार जोरात चालू
पूर्वी फक्त तथाकथित
देव देवतांचीच होती पुजा
ता अनेक मर्त्य मानवांची
आणि काही जीवंत
मानवांची ही चलती आहे॰
नवनवे देव निर्माण करण्याची
मानवाची खाज अजून
वाढतेच आहे,
आणि त्याला भेडसावणार्‍या
प्रश्नांची संख्या ही,
काय मस्त स्पर्धा आहे ही
नवे काय जुने काय
कुठलेच देव कुणालाच
पावेनासे झाले आहेत बहुदा,
कधी काळी स्वकर्तूत्वाने
मिळाले यश तर ते ही
कुण्या देवाच्या श्रद्धे वर
बळी द्यायची प्रवृती आहे,
आणि झाला सगळाट्ट्याबोळ
आयुष्याचा, आपल्याच मूर्खपणानी
तर मागील जन्मीच्या पापा वर
त्याच खापर फोडायची सोय आहेच,
शोधा नवे देव देवता
लिहा नवनव्या रत्या, ओव्या
रचा नवनवीन पोथ्या
भरकटलेली तृप्त मने
तशीच राहणार भटकणार्‍या
आतृप्त आत्म्या सारखी
त्याला शांति आणि मुक्ति न
मिळण्याचा शाप आहे
नियतीनेच दिलेला

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


डोळ्यातील आसवे बहुदा
स्वतःची दुःखे कुरवाळण्या
साठीच असतात
क्वचितच कधी तरी ती
इतरांच्या विडंबना साठी
कधी अप्टेष्टाच्या मृत्युने
डोळे भरून येतात
आणि त्यांची धार लागते
तेव्हा त्यांना थांबवून
विचारावे एकदा
बाबांनो तो जीवंत
असताना काय मी केले
चार घटका कधी
त्याला भेटायला गेलो
का त्याची काही सेवा
का मी केली आणि
नाही केले मी काही
तर आता तुम्ही असे
का बरे अवतरले?
माणूस असतो तेव्हा
त्याच्या साठी काही करावे
असे आपले मला वाटते
तो गेल्या वर फक्त अश्रु
ढाळणे नपुसक प्रेम वाटते,
वयो परत्वे गेलेल्याचा
शोक का करावा
सुटला बिचारा म्हणून
न रडता हसून त्याला
निरोप द्यावा
आई, बाबांना मी
असाच तर निरोप दिला
मग माझी सवे राहिली
मुक आणि कोरडी आणि
आठवणी मात्र सदैव
सचेतन ताज्या आणि ओल्या.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Oil prices – Some thoughts.

Oil prices – Some thoughts.
Oil prices have declined by about #25 per barrel in international markets. This is great news for India who imports 75% of her consumption. We have seen petrol prices going down by about Rs.10 and diesel prices by Rs 3 per liter. Lower cost of imports will make our CAD healthier and will greatly reduce the budget deficit as subsidies will be only about half of what we had last year.
The lowering of prices will have an impact on inflation that will also come down. The moot point is for the real impact on inflation the price cut will have to be passed on to the final consumer. We have no seen public transport fares being cut by petrol users till now and I am being told by many that it will not happen either. I am really surprised that there is no demand for this from anyone including the political parties. Just goes to show that for them rickshaw and taxi owners are a bigger constituency than you and me the users of these services. The private operators of taxi services have also not bothered to cut their fares. In some cities rickshaws and taxis are using CNG which is still much cheaper than diesel and petrol but they also get the same rates. I therefore wonder if the middle class wishes to be active only by casting votes.
The other side of the story is that the demand for oil in China may be subdued as the economy grows at more moderate pace. US is now producing more oil that Saudi Arabia and Iraq in spite of the problems there is reportedly pumping more oil. In spite of the steep fall in prices OPEC has not resorted to production cuts as they normally would. Saudis are saying that they are comfortable with the prices. Venezuela and Russia are the only two who have expressed grave concerns about the falling prices. OPEC seems to have lost its relevance with Russia and US pumping more oil.
If prices keep falling and there is no guarantee they will, as Brent has climbed back to $86 as I write this, it will be interesting to see what Americans will do. Shale oil may not be profitable if prices were to reach say $75. Will they then cut back domestic production and resume buying oil from the Middle East mainly from Saudis and Iraq?
With Europe seemingly slipping in deeper economic crisis as Germany too gets hit lower oil prices is good news with winter around the corner.
For Russia with her problems in neighborhood this is extremely bad news. Is this American way of teaching a lesson to Russia for its role in Ukraine? If it is it is brilliant move.
American and their friends in Saudi may be letting prices drift lower deliberately as a strategy to hurt ISIS in some way and on the other hand hurt the Iranians as well. This may be a way to try and force Iran to quickly conclude nuclear talks by putting their economy under pressure.
Let us therefore shun any euphoria over declining oil prices and enjoy lower oil prices as long as they remain low. But we must be prepared to tackle upside when it occurs.
The test of deregulation of diesel prices will come when prices inch up to $100 and then the government’s resolve on this front will be tested. Let us also start cutting subsidies both on LPG and kerosene right away. Let us hope and let the government make sure that lower diesel prices are passed on by transporters thus reducing cost of transportation. Also the government has to make sure that all industries who derive their raw materials from the derivatives of crude reduce prices of their products. This is not yet evident anywhere so far. I also do not believe lower diesel prices will lead to recovery in commercial vehicle sector immediately. That recovery will come only when the economy picks up pace and may be still some time away.
The government has started well but the challenges still remain. Gas prices will also have to be linked to global prices sooner than later. I hope the government does that now when crude and gas prices are softer.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Verdict Maharashtra 2014!

Verdict Maharashtra 2014!
If you want to divorce your partners do it quickly and well in time to give you time t do proper planning. Had BJP done it they would have got the majority.
All four parties were over confident of their strengths. BJP was the one who was right in taking the gamble. Shiv Sena miscalculated completely. Congress – NCP were stupid to break up AFTER BJP & Shiv Sena.
If BJP-Sena wish to form the government both must accommodate each other today and not have another long drawn negotiations like Congress- NCP did earlier. Delay will only increase bitterness.
Sena should now accept that their rich haul in LS polls was largely due to Modi and not Udhhav.
Only some people who deserve to lose will lose. In spite of massive corruption charges and arrogance people like Ajit Pawar will still win.
The people will still vote for a corrupt person if he has done good work in his own constituency.
Regional parties are a nuisance that we will have to tolerate for more time.
Campaigning was very bitter and personalized.
Marketing and advertising expenses have no correlation with sales necessarily.
Experts after many elections are still only speculators about the final outcome.
If BJP-Sena form the government they will have to fear each other’s egos than the opposition.
Don’t ever write off your enemies. Congress & NCP have done much better than in May and will be formidable force in the house.
Congress does not need Rahul Gandhi. Local leadership will deliver better results given a free hand.
BJP must start building leadership in states independent of Modi. Modi must encourage regional leaders to be independent. He only has to look at the tie and life of Indira Gandhi.
Is Sena does not fall in line NCP will seize the chance and people will not like it.
Best wishes to the new government. Hope it will be very different and not a remake of the previous ones because remakes are mostly terrible as compared to the originals.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


ब्राह्मण कुटुंबात जन्म झाला
पण पारंपरिक ब्राह्मणी संस्कार
नाही झाले, मुंज ही झाली
नाही मग संध्येचा प्रश्नच
आला नाही, पुजा अर्चे
पासून मीच दूर राहिलो
ग्रह तार्‍यांच्या जोतिषी
चक्र्यव्यूहा नाही फसलो,
शिकलो मात्र बरेच काही
आणि आता शिकवतो ही की!  
क्षत्रीयान सारखा हत्यारानी
लढलो नाही कधी,
पण अन्याया विरुद्ध
अनेकदा उभा ठाकलो
कधी कधी एकटा ही!
वैश्यान सारखा व्यापार ही
करून पहिला काही काळ!
पारंपरिक शुद्रांनी करायची
कामे घरात तरी निदान
कायम करत राहिलो
अत्यंत अभिमानानी अगदी
शाळेत असल्या पासून!
घरातलीच तर शिकवण ती
म्हणून एक फायदा झाला
या सर्व प्रवासातून
माणूस म्हणून जगण्याचा
आणि इतर सगळ्यांना ही
माणूस म्हणून फक्त बघण्याचा
साक्षात्कार झाला!


Friday, October 17, 2014

हे ही नसे थोडके!

हे ही नसे थोडके!
कोणाच्या प्रेमात पडावे लागते
का कोणावर प्रेम करावे लागते?
ठरवून का कोणावर प्रेम हे
करता येते? का अचानक
शोध लागतो की कोणा बद्दल
आपल्याला प्रेम वाटते?
आयुष्यात खरच का एकदाच
प्रेम करता येते?
का वारंवार कोणी न कोणी
आवडण्याचे ही जंतु
निसर्गात असतात आणि
त्यांचा ही का काहींना
संसर्ग होतो?
प्रेम म्हणजे खर काय असते?
असंख्य प्रश्न तितकीच उत्तरे
सगळेच बिनकमी खरे तर
जेव्हा ज्याच्या बद्दल वाटेल
तेव्हा ते व्यक्त करावे
कोणाला आपल्या बद्दल
ही असे वाटावे असे
आपले वाटत राहावे,
जेव्हा येईल वाट्याला तेव्हा
ते आपले मानावे
बाकी सगळे सोडून द्यावे
प्रेम मात्र करत राहावे
दुसर्‍यांकडून ते मिळण्याची
अपेक्षा न करता करत राहावे
जितके कराल तितके मिळवाल
हे पक्के ध्यानी ठेवावे
दूसरा कोणी आवडणे म्हणजे
थोड्या वेळा पुरता का होईना
आपल्या आपल्यावरच्या
प्रेमाला थोडा विश्राम मिळतो
हे ही तर नसे थोडके!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

निश्चय मनाचा!
अशाच एका संध्याकाळी
अस्ताला जाणार्‍या सूर्याकडे
एक टक पहात बसलो होतो
नदी काठी निवांत
वाटलं हा कसा रोज ठरवल्या
वेळी उगावतो आणि मावळतो
आपण मात्र ठरवलेल
न करण्याची फक्त कारण
शोधण्यात वेळ घालवतो
मग मनाशी निश्चय केला
आता मुळीच काही
करायचं ठरवायचं नाही
मग ही असली कारण
शोधण्यात वेळ आपला
फुकट जायचा नाही!
आता सगळं निवांत आहे
मन अथांग आळसात
मस्त डुंबत आहे
जे करतो तेच तर
ठरवलेल असत असा
विश्वास स्वतः वर
आयुष्यात प्रथमच
मला भावतो आहे.