Friday, August 28, 2015


कधी कधी एकच शब्द
मनात रुंजी घालत असतो
सतत अस्वस्थ करत राहतो
जणू मला तो सुचवित असतो
माझा पण वापर कर की रे
कधी तरी चपखलपणे
एखाद्या कवितेत तुझ्या!
काय तेच तेच शब्द
वापरत असतोस बुळबुळीत!
मी बघ कसा दिमाखदार
तुझी कविता सजवणारा खानदानी
नाही तरी तुझ्या कविताना
फारसा अर्थ नसतोस नाहीतरी
मी खुलविन तिला
अर्थ ही देईन तिला
माझा ही वापर कर कधीतरी!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


प्रेमानी ओथंबलेल्या माझ्या नजरेला
तुझ्या डोळ्यातली ती शून्य विषण्णता
चरचरीत दाहा समान वाटली
तुझ्या डोळ्यात मला ओळखीची
एक ही खूण जराही नाही दिसली
विझलेल्या तुझ्या मनाची फक्त
एकाकी अस्वस्थता मला जाणवली
तुला कदाचित कोणतीच भावना
जाणवण्या पलिकडची स्थिति
प्राप्त झाली असावी अशी खात्री पटली!
मुक्त झालीस बहुदा तू कायमची
आणि त्या विचारानी माझी ही
अवस्था काही वेळ फक्त
तशीच झाल्याचा भास मला झाला!


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Our policy makers seem to be in denial!

Our policy makers seem to be in denial!
The world economy is in turmoil once again. US recovery dodgy, Euro zone in a mess, Russia & Brazil in huge trouble; Middle East economy down on declining oil prices and political instability and ISIS threat. China is a case in itself. Nobody knows the truth about China. US talks about increasing interest rates but does nothing.
In India policy makers keep talking about double digit growth! Prabhu says economy will double in three years and then blames media for twisting the figures he mentioned. Sinha says economy will be #3 trillion in 5 years, this prediction is much better then Prabhu’s, but is no consolation because even that will be difficult.
We hear about how different countries have promised to invest money in India. China, Japan, U.S. and UAE together seem to have pledged $ 200 billion may be over the next few years! If this money comes in RBI will have a tough job managing Rupee.
We seem to crowing about increase in FDI and lower inflation figures. Inflation in non-food is due to crash in many commodity prices and not due to our internal policies. Food inflation can worsen in coming months as many regions have received deficient rains. Prices of pulses and onions have sky rocketed already. If agriculture crisis deepens government will have to provide aid to farmers and this will strain the finances in coming months.
Export performance is pathetic almost ever since the new government took over. No clear policy except more incentives like interest subvention has been announced. The manageable CAD is touted as success. It is due to crash in oil prices and if exports refuse to pick up and when oil prices will stat increasing CAD may give a severe shock.
There is no policy to take advantage of lower commodity prices and the cushion that it has provided. LPG subsidy can be withdrawn completely now.
As a candidate Modi had a lot to say about issues related to economy. Since becoming PM he has refused to speak on Economy. I wonder what his views are. His caustic criticism of UPA on economic policies did get him applause and whistles in every public meeting and also votes. His criticism was justified in many areas. How about a clear articulation on what his government is going to do now? He is advised by Jaitley, the two Arvinds. Arvind Panagaria wrote in support of Modi and his Gujrath model for almost two years prior to the elections. Many so called TV experts and intellectuals thought that to be the road map once Modi was in power. One year plus these so called experts are not saying things have not moved the way they thought they would. We still don’t know what the exact role of NITI Ayog is and I am still trying to figure out Panagaria’s contribution to the economy!
It is high time our policy makers got down from their horses and look at the ground realities and think of our response. There is no point scoring points with Pakistan and asking them to take action against terrorists camps run on their soil or to ask them to prosecute masterminds of 26/11 or to ask them to hand over Dawood. Nothing of this is going to happen and we all know this. Even a limited war with Pakistan has to be ruled out. The cost of a war is horrendous and will push back economy by 5 years at least. Let’s also not day dream they the government will do a Israel or U.S. and punish those perpetuators who have caused damage to us. We better put our house in order in J&K.
Time is running out. Raghuram Rajan seems to be the only policy maker who seems to be rooted to ground and understands the world happenings and their impact on our economy. Others who are dreaming need to be woken up but they seem to be sleeping the sleep of Kumbhakarna!
If we do not get our act together quickly we as a nation will pay a very heavy price!



हसणार्‍या माझ्या वेलींना
दृष्ट लागली कोणाची?
फुलांनी लगडण्याच्या या
वेळेला त्यांचा पत्ताच नाही
न पडणार्‍या पावसाची का
ही अवकृपा?
माळी म्हणतो जमिनीत
काही विकार असावा साहेब,
नाही तर अशा
तरारलेल्या वेली वांझ कशा?
अनेक बिचार्‍या स्त्रियांना
ही असेच प्रश्न विचारून
छळतात आप्त त्यांचे
आणि अनेक उपरे
ही आजूबाजूचे
पुरूषांना मात्र नाही जात
विचारले असले काही
कधी, जणू त्यांचा
त्याच्याशी संबधच
नसतो काही!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

शिवशाहीर बाबासाहेब पुरंदरे!

शिवशाहीर बाबासाहेब पुरंदरे!
बहुदा १९६३ साल असावे. मी आठ वर्षाचा होतो. आमच्या घरी सुमित्रराजे भोसले ज्यांना सर्व जण राणीसाहेब म्हणत, आल्या होत्या. त्यांचा आमचा खूप घरोबा होता. त्यांनी मला संगितले की जलमंदिरात दहा दिवस बाबासाहेब पुरंदरे शिव चरित्र सांगणार आहेत, तेव्हा तू रोज तिथे ये. तुला खूप काही शिकायला मिळेल. राणीसाहेबांनी स्वःत असे सांगितल्यावर घरून ताबडतोप मी तिथे जाण्याचं आदेश सुटला. ते दहा दिवस मी राणीसाहेबांच्या आसपास बसून ती भाषणे ऐकली आणि मंत्रमुग्ध झालो. भाषण संपूच नये असेच रोज वाटायचे.
त्यानंतर मला घरच्यांनी दहा भागात पुरंदर्‍यांनी लिहलेले शिवचरित्र आणून दिले. मी त्याची अक्षरशः परायणे केली. अजून ही ती पुस्तके मला वाचायला आवडतात. मला खात्री आहे की माझ्या सारख्या अनेकांना हा अनुभव आला असणार. राणीसाहेबांनी पुरंदर्‍यांना “शिवशाहीर” हा अत्यंत योग्य किताब दिला!
पुरंदरे  शास्त्रीय मान्यतेचे इतिहास संशोधक आहेत का हे सांगण्याची माझी योग्यता नाही. पण ते महारांजांच्या भक्तीत लीन झालेले आहेत हे नक्की. त्यांनी महाराजांचे गड पायी पालथे घातले आहेत, यात त्यांच्या बरोबरीने गो. नि. दांडेकर ही होते! त्यांनी अनेक मूळ ऐतिहासिक कागदपत्रांचे अध्ययन केले आहे. त्यांचा महाराजांवरचा अभ्यास आपल्या सगळ्या पेक्षा खूप जास्ती आहे हे नक्की!
त्यांनी महाराजांचे गारुड महाराष्ट्रातली दोन तीन पिढ्यांवर घालण्याची किमया केली आहे. केवळ ह्या त्यांच्या कामासाठी ते माझ्या मते “महाराष्ट्र भूषण” पुरस्काराला पात्र आहेत!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Faceless millions who must have saved Hinduism!

Faceless millions who must have saved Hinduism!
In spite of long Muslim rule India is predominantly a Hindu country. Our population of undivided India was about 40 crores. Many Muslim areas became Pakistan. It is true that Hindu population in both Pakistan and Bangala Desh is now negligible as a % of total population. Many Hindus have been made to feel unsafe and have been harassed and have migrated back to India and still more are coming.
I have some questions in my mind about this especially after reading some books. It is true that many Muslims raided and plundered India much before the Moghul rule was established in India. Delhi and large parts of Northern India were under Muslim rule when Babur invaded India. The Rajputs fought with him brilliantly but were not united and their resistance was overwhelmed by the superior weapons like cannons and Muskets; something that they did not have.
Rana Pratap fought the Moghals tooth and nail till his last breath. Chhatrapati Shivaji established Swarajya in Maharashtra. Both of these great warriors were not fully supported by their own people remains a fact. Many of their powerful contemporaries willingly served the Moghals, Adil Shah and Nizam. Many gave their daughters to the rulers and their influential Nobles in marriage.
In the South Vijaynagar and Cholas also ruled for long period resisting Muslim rulers and keeping this part of India free. However after these two were defeated almost entire India was ruled by Muslim rulers.
The Muslim rule lasted in India close to 700 years before the British came to power after the 1857 war. Indians were defeated because we lacked modern weapons, we were not united and we did not have a single dominating leader to lead us.
These rulers were harsh against the locals is a given fact. They exploited them ruthlessly. But we were still the religious majority at all times.
This brings me to certain questions.
The higher classes in society barring some adjusted to the situation. They accepted Muslim rule as long as their fiefdoms were recognized and they were allowed to rule their Jahagirs by paying taxes to the rulers. Is this correct? Many in this class also did not get tempted obviously.
I am more curious about the down trodden in those days. Generally they are most vulnerable to inducements of conversions as was evidenced when many converted to Christianity for the promise of better life. This class does not seem to have embraced Islam. So obviously they contributed a lot. Is it that the ruling class did not offer them any inducements to convert?
Were the rulers barring some were not interested to convert the population by coercion and inducement? Or is it that they completely failed in shaking the faith of these people? In this case we need to applaud these people.
The history says that the majority of Hindus did not seek another religion whatever their social status may have been. India saw emergence of Buddhism, Jainism and the newest of them all Shikhism. It seems Buddhism had posed the greatest challenge. Shikhism is the most unique as it was established to fight against the foreign rule and many Hindu families gave their first born son who became a Sikh to help the cause. Many Dalits post independence embraced Buddhism under the leadership of Dr. Ambedkar to protest inequality impose on them by Hinduism, but after the passing away of Dr. Ambedkar this movement also seems to have come to a halt.
Hindus themselves had never converted anybody to Hinduism. Since Hindus had not ventured out to conquer the world, in the same way they did not try to spread Hinduism either. I have no idea if Hindus tried to reconvert those who were forcibly converted to Islam or Christianity. In history I have read that Shivaji’s own brother in law was forcibly converted to Islam and when Shivji wanted to reconvert him to Hinduism he faced huge resistance and finally he declared that if the religion cannot sanction the reconversion he would so it through the dictate of the state! He faced the same problem in the case of one his generals Netaji Palkar who was forcibly converted by Aurangzeb.
I think a lot of credit must be given to all the Hindus who resisted the temptation to convert to the religion of the ruling class for personal gains. Sadly many of these common people will remain faceless. But they need our gratitude to save Hinduism.

Will be grateful for any historical reading references on this subject.

केला विचार तर?

केला विचार तर?
विरघळलेल्या श्वासात अडकलेले अश्रु
सुकलेल्या अश्रुत भरकटलेले मन
भरकटलेल्या मनात भयंकर विचार
भयंकर विचारातून उमटलेला अविचार
अविचारातून निर्मिलेल जग माझ
सदा उलटपालट, आणि म्हणून माझी
भयंकर चिडचिड आणि सगळ्या जगावर
सदा नाराजी, सगळ्या जगाला
सदा माझी शिव्यांची लाखोली
पण अंतर्मुख कधी झालो आणि
केला नीट मी विचार तर?