Monday, September 1, 2014

बर झाल साला मस्त आपटला!

बर झाल साला मस्त आपटला!

कधी कधी पडलेल बर असत
उठवायला कोणी हात देत का
नाही, ते तरी कळत,
नाही आले हात पुढे तर
जाणीव होती ज्यांचे हात
वाटले होते येतील पुढे
ते पडले तेव्हा आपण
आपले झटकले होते
म्हणाल होत
बर झाल पडला साला,
नाही तरी फार माजला होता,!
आता पडल्या पडल्या
भान येत आपण कीती
तर पट जास्ती तो
केला असावा आणि
सगळेच आपले वाटणारे
आता म्हणत असतील
बर झाल साला मस्त आपटला!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

आस आध्यात्मिक शांततेची!

आस आध्यात्मिक शांततेची!

ढगांनी झाकलेला तारा दिसत नाही
काही काळ, म्हणून का त्याच अस्तित्व संपत?
काळजीने ग्रस्त काळवंडलेला चेहरा
त्यावर उपाय शोधला की परत खुलतोच!
अंधार आणि प्रकाश रोजचं तर
पाठलाग करतात एकमेकांचा युगानु युग
पण संपवू शक नाही कोणी कोणालाच
हे एवढेच आहे अबाधित सत्य!
सुखाचा माज आणि दुःखाचा बाऊ करण
सोडलं की अध्यात्म ही मग होत प्राप्त!
आहे ते स्वीकारण आणि त्यात हव्या त्या
बदलाचा यत्न करत राहणं हे आपल्याच
हाती, त्या साठी न पूजेची गरज न नवसाची
नाही ज्योतिषाची ग्रहशांती उपयोगी
पण बहुतेक सारे फक्त त्याच्याच नादी
प्रयत्नांची पुरी बोम्ब, आणि वरती
आस आध्यात्मिक शांततेची!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

P M’s Jan Dhan Yojana!

P M’s Jan Dhan Yojana!
Financial inclusion is most welcome. But it will come if people are educated and are trained in some skill sets so that they become employable or can become self employed. If this scheme is the beginning of this initiative it will be game changer. Some 1.5 crores accounts under this initiative were reportedly opened in one the launch day!
If this account is going to be used for DBT it will go long way in better targeting of subsidies. Just opening accounts will not help. Supposedly these accounts are in joint names. The PM hopes that women will be biggest beneficiaries of this scheme as they can deposit their earnings in these accounts can save some money which their husbands will not have access to! How I wish it were true. This kind of change requires attitudinal change where a man does not interfere in the financial independence of a woman. A woman is most likely to save more than a man and is most likely to use her money for the benefit of the family. This must be true in case of poor families.
The idea of automatic overdraft facilities bothers me greatly. I have a conviction that poor people would want to repay their loans honestly; for the simple reason that they realize that they will need that facility many times over and if they do not repay the loans on time this source will not be available to them again. What worries me is the politicians’ who may encourage poor not to repay and assure them of write off their loans to win votes. We have seen this happen in Andhra with respect to micro finance institutions. One of the reasons Naidu won handsomely was his promise of write off the loans. Micro finance companies have suffered massively. I hold no brief for them; as they were charging exorbitant rates to the poor, but write off is not the real answer.
I understand that all account holders under this scheme are going to be provided free insurance cover as well. This seems to be straight from the much maligned NAC trick book! How this is not populist I have no idea.
I am also apprehensive about the premise that having a bank account will encourage poor to save. I think to save one has to earn more money than one’s expenses. And poor are poor because they are unable to earn enough. Just having an account will not change this.
I hope the government uses this opportunity to identify the real poor and use these accounts to help only the genuine poor for a specific period of time and going all out to bring these families out of poverty permanently.
In spite of my apprehensions on some counts I hope the scheme becomes successful.

Unbelievable but true!

Unbelievable but true!
Today one student came to me after the class and said I want to talk to you Sir about my personal problem. I thought it was something to do with the subject, But he wished to talk about his personal problem. I was curious because he hardly knows me since I have done only three classes with the batch so far. Anyway I had no issue about hearing him out.
He said, Sir my family has decided to throw me out of the house and almost disown me. Now I will have to leave the course and find work as I have to support myself. I thought this to be very unusual and strange. So I asked him what has he done to deserve this treatment by his own family. What he told me left me speechless. He said Sir this is regarding religion. He said my family is most orthodox in religious things and I am almost a non believer and hence they have decided to throw me out!
He is in the third year of an under graduate course. Therefore his educational qualification is only H.Sc. Now where will he get a decent job to support himself and will any bank give him an educational loan to continue his studies when they relalise that his own family has disowned him?
Today the PM has launched ambitious Jan Dhan scheme. Can this boy get any benefit of this scheme?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lessons from India’s tour of England 2014.

Lessons from India’s tour of England 2014.
Unexpected success can at times de-motivate as complacency can set in.
A captain can only do so much.
Some individuals can succeed sporadically.
Blaming the coach for terrible performance is letting players go scot free.
Taking a large team that consists of people who will never play is stupid.
Your father’s fame and contribution is no guarantee that you can do the same. Binny
Theory that an off spinner will be effective against five left handers is just that if your off spinner has no guile, flight and variation!
In the same way English are traditionally weak against leg spinners theory would mean Amit Mishra had to be our No1 Spinner.
Not taking your fastest bowler to England and sending him in A team is selection blunder. Umesh Yadav
Not playing your fasted bowler in the squad till the final two matches is foolish. Varun Aron
You cannot afford to drop so many catches behind the wicket in England or anywhere. That we did that consistently means we have no good slip fielders and those who field there are not practicing for that job that is tough.
Don’t elevate youngster to iconic positions ever. Pujara/Kohali. They are still the most promising of our batsmen.
Kohali should have been dropped at least in the last game and Rohit should have played; at the most he too would have failed.
Some players are past their prime-Gambhir
Dhoni has to continue to lead as no one except Bhuvaneshwar can command a permanent place in the side and he cannot be made captain.
We lost all 4 in 2011, so we did better this time losing only 3 and saving one and actually winning one!
Happy cricket watching because we will still watch the game!

Sunday, August 17, 2014



फुलांचा सुगंघ त्या गर्दीतल्या
प्रत्येकाने दिलखुलास लुटला,
मी ही तर त्यात होतो
मग मनात विचार आला
आता ती फुले आपला
सुगंध हरवून बसलेली
का असतील बिचारी?
मग त्यांनाच जाऊन म्हणल
केवढा हा तुमचा त्याग
रंग आणि गंध हे तर
तुमचं अस्तित्व आणि
गंधच तुम्ही उधळलात
आमच्यावर आणि आता
तुम्ही अधुरे
फुले हसली मंद आणि म्हणाली
नाही रे वेड्या आमचा
सुगंध कधीच सोडत नाही
आम्हाला, आम्ही सुकलो
आणि बेरंग झालो तरी
आमच्या अचेतनात ही वास
गंधाच्या आमचा!

Monday, August 4, 2014

UPSC & English.

UPSC & English.
My take is UPSC aspirants must know how to read, speak and write English. If the students in North Indian states cannot manage this it is sad and talks about their education system in schools and colleges. Mulayam Singh Yadav must take the blame for this as he tried to kill English in UP schools. For years students from Bihar have done well in these examinations.
The students from North already have a huge advantage in that in school they have to study only two languages Hindi and English. While in all non Hindi speaking states the students have to do three languages as they also have a paper in their mother tongue. So it should be easier for students to learn English. This anti English attitude is stupid. As far as I know even in Japan English is taught in school as compulsory subject and is also taught in colleges. This was told to me by several Japanese working Executives in about 6-7 training programs I did with them. They also said that were not comfortable with English is because they hardly use it in day to day life. This is not the case in India.
In the states South of Vindhyas, English is taught in schools and most students by the time they pass college overall understand the language, though many are bad at speaking and writing it.
We do not have books in Indian languages on many subjects. Don’t compare India with other countries simply because they do not have as many languages as we have and Hindi and English are link languages whether we like it or not! In a globalised world knowing English is an advantage.
The politicians are making things difficult by taking a short term view. People who cannot mange elementary language skills are not required to be anywhere near IAS/IFS/IPS. Such people should apply only for the state Administrative examinations.
Giving reservations for upliftment is fine but if these people think it can be extended in this way they are wrong. My request to them is you already have an advantage of reservations now make an effort to be on par with all others by learning some English it will only help you in your career. It is not difficult to learn English. There are many including me who went to vernacular medium schools and though we learnt English from 5th std we were not good at it but gradually we learnt to speak and write in it and people understand us!
We have enough problems as it is. Let’s not divide the country on this issue. Mr. Modi you promised decisive government. Please don’t buckle under pressure. You already seem to have by saying marks obtained in English will not be considered for determining the rank. That is a bad compromise. Nothing will happen to your voter base in North if you stand firm and declare that there will be no change. Tomorrow these people will make more ridiculous demands. Remind them all; under what conditions Dr. Ambedkar mastered the language and if they think he is a great idol then they should follow him!