Sunday, June 28, 2015

आजची लावणी!

आजची लावणी!
अहो राया ऐका,
मला सॅमसंगचा ट्याब
घेऊन द्या ना गडे!
शालू शेल्यांनी
भरली कपाटे
दाग दागिन्यांनी
अंग हे सजले
ब्यांकेचे लाकर
सोन्यानी भरले
जीव आता उबला
अहो राया आता,
मला सॅमसंगचा ट्याब
घेऊन द्या ना गडे!
आता असे सारखे वाटते
सगळ्या रसिकांना
व्हाट्स अप्प करावे,
फुटू माझे शेअर करावे,
इंटरनेट मी सर्फ करावे,
मेल वरुण आवंतण यावे,
अहो राया आता,
मला सॅमसंगचा ट्याब
घेऊन द्या ना गडे!

We need more Dnyaneshwar Vidyapeeths!

We need more Dnyaneshwar Vidyapeeths!
Dnyaneshwar Vidyapeeth is in news these days thanks to Vinod Tawade’s degree and the controversy surrounding it. This was never a university as we normally understand it to be and hence they cannot possibly give any degree the same as IIM’s cannot award MBA degree, so they award PGDBM. Tawade’s fault is to calling himself a BE which he is not. He has done a course in this institution for which he must have been granted some certificate. And this is what he should have said.
But that is not the point. This institution was founded by Mr. Apte to enable students who could not get admission to Engineering or could not afford to go for that course. This was in 1980s when plethora of engineering colleges were not started to mint money. Mumabi High Court however sometime in 2008 decreed that this institutions degrees or certificates were to be null and void! This must have affected many who passed out from this institute adversely.
Mr Apte was far ahead of his times surely. This was his contribution to what is now being called “Skill Development”. He was trying to do this outside the formal education system. In India today students and parents are desperate to earn a “Degree” somehow and this demand has driven to setting up of dubious colleges all over where hardly any useful education is provided. Students and parents are willing to pay huge amounts of money for a piece of paper and most are not bothered about anything called “Knowledge”. The result is that most degree holders are unable to get jobs as they actually do not know anything. Engineering and MBA seats are lying vacant every year. On the other hand though we have scarcity of doctors government is hardly doing anything to establish new medical colleges. Maharashtra government has just been refused permission to open six new medical colleges. Good and established colleges run by private institutes have good demand for the courses that they offer at an unbelievably high price!
There are many students who cannot get into reputed colleges while there are many who may be good enough to get admission but cannot afford the cost of the education. This is where Mr. Apte’s vision comes into play. He started Dnyaneshwar Vidyapeeth for such students. He realised it will be better to give his students practical knowledge along with the theoretical knowledge. Thus he designed a sandwich course where students worked in the industry even as they attended formal classes. This exposed them to the working environment and they were able to learn quickly to apply what they learnt in the class. Industry in Pune supported this effort and offered opportunity of on the job learning to the students of this institute.
This was a unique experiment. Today we are once again talking about it. The need for informal, hand on education at affordable prices is the crying need of the day. We have to move away from our fascination for degrees and realise that hands on experience, coupled with sound theoretical knowledge can be as good as so called degree with little knowledge of application of theory.
I know at least three people in my immediate family who went to this institute and are doing well in their chosen field. Two of them worked in the industry for some time and are entrepreneurs now, the third preferred to be an entrepreneur from the beginning.
I have been told that many past students of the institution have been doing well in the industry. It is possible they may be getting hampered due to lack of degree when it comes to rising higher in an organization. May be students passing out of such institutions should be allowed to appear for AMIE kind of examination after say they have worked for 3 to 5 years. This will enable them to get a formal label as well! Or they should be allowed to take some course in a open university leading to a formal educational qualification. Or allow such institutions to award a Diploma.
Various possibilities need to be urgently explored. The condition of education in our country is not very good. It is possible to tie up with the industry in this endeavour. The courses should be designed with specific requirements of the industry. The industry that gives internship should be asked to absorb the students after his successful completion of the course, provided the industry finds him worthwhile.
For the success of “Make in India” this kind of institutions are crucial.  Let us hope Mr Tawade who has benefitted from this informal education system takes the lead in Maharashtra where he is the Education Minister to establish many such institutions with the active participation of local industry including SMEs. Hopefully he can convince the PM to look at this model favourably and establish such institutions across the country.
Mr. Tawade the ball is in your court!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We are all Indians after all!

We are all Indians after all!
BJP is under fire for the last few days the way Congress used to be in the past. So it seems we love to attack the party in power even though just a year back BJP was voted to power with absolute majority. I suspect the Modi admirers are still committed to BJP, may be the fence sitters who went BJP way are the ones who may be wondering if things are really different at all or only the actors have changed. This is like a TV soap opera where actors change and the plot remains the same.
BJP stormed to power on the plank of Vikas and being different than Congress. Increasingly the feeling is that many UPA policies are being faithfully followed by BJP at times with new nomenclature and may be better implementation overall. One hears encouraging reports of corruption at highest level being controlled. This is a big achievement if it has really happened. A common man like you and me are far away from all this. But I have no problem in believing this.
BJP has been in power in many states for long now. It has tested power at centre only for 7 years in all. But it seems it has quickly learnt to follow Congress ways at centre. BJP leaders seem to be quick learners. Of course they had a readymade template that Congress created over 60 years of their rule!
Look at the Lalit Modi saga. Sushama and Vasundhara are of course innocent on the same grounds on which any Congressman would be grossly guilty. Dushyant’s dealing with Modi and the investments made by him in his companies with almost nil assets becomes a commercial transaction. Robert Vadra must send a crate of Champagne to Dushant for this! All his wrong doings will have to be now treated as commercial transactions of a” private citizen”. Establishing any wrong doings in Vadra’s case as it is would have been difficult if not impossible.
According to BJP there is no conflict of interest in what Sushama did on only humanitarian grounds. That she by passed the normal channels in government is of course no cause for worry because she is a competent minister who is empowered to make decisions! In a cabinet that is being reportedly tightly controlled by the PM, this extraordinary independence shown by the lady, as Lalit Modi is not an ordinary citizen who deserves sympathy on humanitarian grounds. He is an accused who has show disrespect for Indian law has run away and is unwilling to come and face the enquiry. I am quite sure many Congressmen also have done shady deals with him in the past. But the problem for BJP is that Congress stands decimated and few more heads rolling in dirt of corruption is not going to do more harm to them. However if high profile BJP leaders are going to be splashed with same mud the consequences for them could terrible only because they are in power now.
If reports that Vasundhara Raje threatening to break the party in Rajasthan and form new government, are true, and there is no reason why they should not be, then the Congress culture of Pawars, Mamata, Janmohan and many others seems to have penetrated BJP as well. This is dangerous for the party. Vasundhara is powerful and swept the polls almost on her own and obviously picked candidates who were loyal to her. This is straight from Indira’s book of governance! So she is a tough nut to crack even for Modi – Amit Shah team! Indira also suffered for her blind love for her son and hopefully Vasundhara has those lessons too!
Then there is the controversy of educational qualifications of first Smriti Irani and now Vinod Tawade. Irani is HSC pass is now established. So is Tawade. Dnyaneshwar Vidyapeeth was a great idea of providing skills to students who did not make it to regular college course. Tawade says he knew this at the time of joining. The problem is he says his qualification is B.E. and that is rubbish. Only a recognized university can a degree and Dnyaneshwar University was no university ever. Mumbai High Court has ruled that all certificates (that is what they really are) and null and void. Tawade should not have claimed to be a graduate Engineer and his educational qualification would be strictly HSC. It is no crime not to have a degree. It is an established practice that Ministers need not have any minimum qualifications at all. So I think Tawade only needs to apologise and say he made a mistake and he will rectify the same. It is stupid to defend this act.
I hope the PM has not decided to go Manmohan Singh way of keeping silent when controversies arise. Congress and Singh have paid a big price for this. Modi tweets on everything even if not required, his deafening silence on all this is does not auger well for him and his party.
For PM it will be better to speak his mind and minimise the damage to himself and his government and concentrate on things that he has promised to do.
What all this has proved once again is we are a united India and all when in power will behave exactly the same!


Monday, June 22, 2015

महफिल कायमची!

महफिल कायमची!
दोन जीव कधी तरी भेटतात,
काहीच होत नाही, काही वाटत नाही,
परत भेटतात, थोड बहुत बोलतात
पण अजूनही मैत्रीची घंटा वाजत नाही,
परत भेटतात आणि खूप बोलतात
इथे सुर जुळणार असे संकेत मिळतात
मग परत परत भेटत, बोलत राहतात
अचानक अनेक घंटांचा नाद होतो
मनाची खात्री पटते, अरे वा ही
मैहफिल सजणार कायमचीच,
मग मैत्री होते आणि कधी काळी
ते दोघ अजनबी असतील असे
ही इतरांना वाटेनसे होते,
हे दोघ फक्त मैत्रीच्या नशेत मस्त,
मग हळूहळू आणिक यात सामील
होत राहतात, बहुतेक सारे मुक्कामालाच येतात,
क्वचित काही गळतात ही,
थोडे फार उसासे वा सुटल्याचे निश्वास उमटतात
पण महफिल अखंड चालू राहते
कोणी “गेला” तरच मग तुटते थोडी
पण उरलेले चालूच ठेवतात,
शेवटी एक एकटाच उरतो,
त्याचा जीव कासावीस होतो
कधी एकदा महफिलीत जातो
आधी गेलेल्यांना सामील होतो!
कारण बाकीच्यांची महफिल चालूच
असते जागा फक्त बदललेली असते,
याचे आसन फक्त रिक्त असते!

पाऊस आणि माणस!

पाऊस आणि माणस!
रिमझिम रिमझिम पावसाची
मजा असते न्यारी, भिजण्याची
मौज यात असते भारी 
पण जेव्हा तो बरसतो अखंड
दिवसेन दिवस दणा दण
त्रेधा उडवतो सगळ्यांची
आणि होतो खुष स्वतःवर
तोच पाऊस वेगळी रुपे!
माणसे ही अशीच तर
असतात ना?
कधी प्रेमळ,कधी रागीट,
कधी चक्क तिरसट
कधी आपल्या ओळखीचं
तर कधी अनोळखी
आपण ही पावसा सारखे
कधी सौम्य, कधी क्रूर
कधी क्रुद्ध, कधी स्वार्थी
कधी इतरांना आनंददायी
बहुतेक वेळा तापदायी॰


Thursday, June 18, 2015


दोघांचे डोळे

एकमेकात विरघळलेले
अश्रुंनी डबडबलेले,
एक अश्रु आनंदाचा
एक संपलेल्या विरहाचा
अश्रुं मधला संवाद
शब्दां पेक्षा
आगळा वेगळा
जास्त मोकळा,
प्रेमाने ओथंबलेला
कळ्यां वरच्या
पहाटेच्या दव
बिंदून सारखा,
असीम शांतता
परमोच्च नीरव
क्षण सुखाचा!
जणू हे दोघेच
फक्त जगात
असल्या सारखा!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


सुरांच्या अवीट महफिलीत आकंठ डुंबलेल्या,
सुरांवर झुलणार्‍या माना आणि
नकळत मांडी वर धरलेला ठेका,
चेहर्‍यावर अतीव समाधान
कलाकारांच्या आणि श्रोत्यांच्या ही
आणि अचानक तुटलेली तार
त्या सुंदर सतारीची,
सगळ्यांचाच एक समुदाहिक
उसासा फक्त उमटला
पंडितजींच हास्य तसच
आणि तार जुळवण चालू
उस्तादानी तबला घुमवला
श्रोते थोडावेळ पंडितजीना
विसरले जणू,
तबल्याच्या खेळात गुंगले
आणि मग हे ही नाही
समजले की त्यात सतारीचा
स्वर कधी शामिल झाला
पंडितजींच स्मित तसच होत
एक कटाक्ष उस्तादानकडे
त्यांच्या ही चेहर्‍यावर
तसच हास्य
जुगलबंदी म्हणतात ती
ही अशी खरी खुरी
श्रोत्यांच्या प्रचंड टाळ्या
ह्या ही जुगलबंदीला.