Thursday, July 31, 2014

Can high economic growth be jobless?
For the past many years one has heard many distinguished economists included both from the Right and left along with politicians saying that high economic growth under UPA is without creating jobs in the economy. I had failed to understand the logic of this argument. I cannot believe that an economy that grew @ 7%+ on an average in a ten years period did not generate employment.
Now the Economic census report for 2003-2013 has come out and that report says that employment growth in “urban areas increased by 37.46 per cent to 6.14 crore in 2013, whereas in rural areas the growth was 31.59 per cent to 6.62 crore compared to 2005. In both areas now more than 6 crore people are employed. The proportion of women in total workforce rose to 25.56 per cent in 2013 from about 20 per cent in 2005. In urban areas, the proportion of female workers was 19.8 per cent and 30.9 per cent in rural areas.”
“The economic census does not include employment in agriculture, public administration, defence and compulsory social security services activities.”

What is more illuminating is that jobs have grown @4 % per annum while the population has grown by 2% per annum, that means many unemployed have got employed in this period.
Now all those who blamed the last government saying they did not create jobs will please speak up and admit that they were wrong or at least say that this survey is blatantly wrong and motivated?
I sometime find it incredulous that so called experts seem to believe official figures when they suit them and if they don’t suit them call those figures wrong and manipulated.
The truth is that if more two wheeler, FMCG, houses and many other things are selling more than they were then the purchasing power is increasing and it cannot increase unless more people are earning money to buy these products.
We Indians have a habit of not believing good things we do unless certified by some international agency. We also have the habit of lapping up all bad news and ignore good news. If we have created so many jobs our industry has something right and so has our government. No economy can have high growth rate for years without generating employment and that is the TRUTH!

Source: Times of India dt.30th July, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


उन्हात रापलेल्या त्या अस्ताव्यस्त
पसरलेल्या खडकांना असह्य झाल होत
ते भयाण रणरणत ऊन,
अंगावरच्या वाळलेल्या गवताचा
ही राग होता मनात धुमसत
चार थेंब पाण्याला आसुसलेले बिचारे
तोड उघड टाकून चकोरा सारखे
पावसाच्या प्रतीक्षेत ग्लानीत सगळे
अचानक कोठून तरी बासरीचा
सुर दरवाळला आसमंतात
आणि त्याला प्रतिसाद मिळाला
मधुर स्वरांचा त्या व्याकुल राधेच्या
खडकांचा उन्हाळा आता सुसह्य झाला
मधुसुधंनाच्या सुरातून जणू
मुक्त स्वछंद श्श्रावण बरसला.
धन्य ते दगड, धन्य ते कान्हा राधा!

Problem called Pune!

Problem called Pune!
People who are residents of Pune and many who have migrated to this city till about 1980 are the people who are bemoaning the fall of Pune! They are feeling deprived of space, roads, greenery, lack of affordable housing, pollution, terrible public transport and inflation and many more things and rightly so! The law and order is bad and getting worse rapidly. The weather is not what it used to be.
So what has gone wrong? Almost all things have. Pune always looked in awe at Bombay and nursed a secret ambition that it should become as glamorous as Bombay.
Till early 90s Pune was a nice enough place. It was an engineering industry hub and the pants were wisely located outside the city limits. A new industrial estate came up at Bhosari and the twin township of Pimpri-Chinchwad came up.
The politicians then got into act since the beginning of 80s if not earlier and started ruing a nice city. First came the Shikshan Samrat and made Pune their best and attracted students from all over the country. They were favored as cheap land was handed over to them. Politicians started education hubs here. Why Should Marathwada Mitra Mandal has to have educational institutes in Pune beats me. They should have opened them in Marathwada for the local students! The import of a lakh of students started creating problems. These students were no doubt largely responsible for importing with them complete disregard for traffic rules something that was gladly emulated by the local youngsters almost overnight.
The second was the advent of IT industry. Hinjewadi was first converted into IT and soon Magarpatta and Kharadi joined in. This brought in huge number of people to the city. We should have had only one IT hub around the city and it should have been an independent city where the employees should have lived and worked. But this was not thought of at all. We now have many IT companies in the heart of city employing thousands all these companies should have not been given permission at all. What id Persistent doing off Karve rd and why some IT companies are allowed in ICC and around it or in Koregaon Park? They should have all been in IT hubs only.
Advent of IT made things impossible though it did create job opportunities for local population. But with the fancy salaries paid to IT employees and undeserved tax exemptions that were granted for too long to the industry they pushed up the cost of living in the city enormously. Real Estate prices zoomed. With money in their pockets they demanded more posh hotel, malls and multiplexes all of which came up almost exclusively for this crowd. With their money and easy availability of bank credit they bought cars which led to traffic jams.
Pune also allowed industrial development seeking to be Detroit of India and Chakan and Ranjangaon industrial areas were developed. The problem was tremendous pressure on infrastructure of Pune as well as PC areas.
The city is now paying a huge price. All residential areas were allowed to be converted into commercial areas. See what has happened to Law College Rd, Prabhat Rd, Bhandarkar Rd, FC Rd and JM Rd!
Now the government has announced setting up the HQ of Mumbai-Banglore industrial corridor in the city and also a Biotech Park. Citizens of Pune oppose  both these vehemently otherwise we will be in for more trouble. The HQ of the corridor can go to Kolhapur and the Biotech Park can either go to Baramati/Satara/Aurangabad/Nanded or in Vidharba.
The idea of building a metro that will run in the heart of the city is a terrible idea itself. Build it on old Bomaby –Pune Rd up to Chakan and also build one to Hinjewadi connecting both Kothrud and Wakad.
Everyone wants an International airport in Pune. If Nw Mumbai international airport is going to come up then Pune does not need one at all.
Decongestion of the city must be encouraged. KOEL I believe is shifting manufacturing majorly to Kagal and Cummins to Phaltan. This trend must be encouraged. However care must be taken that the land of these companies is not used to create more IT companies!
Defense occupies huge land in and around Pune. Some defense institutes must also be shifted out of Pune wherever possible. Many of them are now in the center of civilization. The ordinance factory for one must be shifted out.
Let us have some peace return to Pune. Allow no industry or IT in the 150 kms vicinity of the city. Let us urgently repair the damage as much as possible.
The reason the city has gone to dogs is because we welcomed all development without realizing its impact on our lives. Let us stand firm and say NO to new development of industrialization.
Let people taunt us and say we are very slow city, call us pensioners paradise or anything else. Let us proudly say yes we want our peace, our greenery and our hills!
It is already too late but then we must begin to reverse the decay!

Monday, July 28, 2014

MBA Placements – A new approach!

MBA Placements – A new approach!
I put forward this approach in my class today to the utter collective horror and disbelief of the entire crowd. But I am convinced that in the days to come this may become the norm.
MBAs talk about out of box thinking all the time but they do not seem to like actually doing anything out of box due to their entire focus on placements from day one!
I suggested that they should write to the companies who regularly come for recruitment and also others, that students will work for a fixed stipend of say Rs 10k for the first six months, if the company finds their work satisfactory only then they be given final placements. In case some are found wanting they should be offered another six months period to come up to the expectations. If after six months their performance improves then they will be absorbed or they will be asked to leave.
I have maintained that companies are taking a big risk employing MBAs with no track record and paying them a huge package. The suggested system will be fair to both parties. The company can better assess the students while they are on job and place then appropriate functions.
It is always a problem to place some students because they are just not up to the mark at all! Many students who know they are no good are also the ones who are not willing to put in extra efforts but expect the college to find them a good company!
In this system the student may get placed more easily but will have to work really smartly to get himself a placement.
Companies should also start making such offers and only go the institutes who will accept these terms. They should only offer internship for one year in collaboration with the college and this should be part of the course itself. The degree should be awarded only to those students who successfully complete this internship!
Let’s demolish the stupid belief among students and their parents that once a MBA is in hands it will automatically open doors to good jobs and a lot of money!

Friday, July 25, 2014

भव्य उदासिनता

भव्य उदासिनता  
काळ्या कभिन्न पत्थरावर
घाव छिन्नी हातोड्यांचे
शिल्प त्यातून बनवणार्‍या
कोण्या कुशल कारीगाराचे
वर्षानु वर्षांच्या या यातनांचे
दुःख प्यायले बिचार्‍याने
अगदी सहजपणे
करतो काय बिचारा दुसरे?
शिल्प पहाणारे थक्क झाले
डोळे भरून मी ही पहिले
मग आपले मलाच वाटले
त्या पत्थराची ती जीव घेणी
यातना मला अचानक भावली
आणि मग त्या सुंदर शिल्पाच्या
कौतुका पेक्षा
त्या काळ्या कभिन्न दगडाची
सुंदरता आणि यातना
यांच्या संगमाची भव्य उदासिनता  
मला अंतर्मुख करून गेली!


Monday, July 21, 2014

पाणी अडवा पाणी जिरवा

पाणी डवा पाणी जिरवा
निळ्याशार आकाशाचा आता कंटाळा आला,
काळ्या मेघांची आस आता सार्‍या जगाला,
आले तेही तरंगत नेहमीच येतात जसे
पण तरंगतच राहिले अधांतरी त्यांचे थवे,
सुटला मग वारा बेफान आणि होऊन त्या
वर स्वार मजेने गेले नभ ही कुठे दूरदेशी
व्याकुळ धरती उदास तहानेने आसुसलेली,
पशू, पक्षी ही तहानलेले सैरावैरा झाले,
ढगांच्या मागून पळत सुटले कोठे तरी
ते बरसतील हे त्यांना ठावे,
उरली आता फक्त माणसे, टाकत फुकीचे उसासे
का नाही पाणी जिरवले आम्ही
पुसती नुसती काढत एकमेकांची उणीदुरे,
मग घातला यज्ञ मोठा केला धनाचा चुराडा,
पाण्यात देव ठेऊन केली इंद्राची याचना  
पाठवला त्याने वरूणाला भक्ता सामोरी
पायाशी घातली लोटांगणे, बडवीत कपाळे
मंद हसूनी वरुण म्हणाला हे तर तुमचे
नेहमीचेच वागणे, सांगितलेले न ऐकणे
पाणी हेच तर जीवन तुमचे हे तुम्हा
अजून नाही कळले?
पिढ्यान पिंढ्यांचा हा मुढपणा भोगा आता
डोळे उघडा, पाणी डवा पाणी जिरवा
वृक्ष वल्लरिनचा खजिना आता तरी जमा करा

Thursday, July 17, 2014

How most Indian children are traditionally educated in matters of Sex!

How most Indian children are traditionally educated in matters of Sex!
We are endlessly debating whether sex education should be imparted in schools. The obvious answer to me is Yes it must be. But I also feel that it should be imparted by doctors rather than teachers.
Going back to my childhood are thinking how my generation got or did not get sex education turned out to be horrible and at times funny experience!
In our childhood a menstruating woman was supposed to be quarantined for 4-5 days. If one were to touch her even by mistake, she would take away the clothes for washing! When we asked what was the matter we were told “tila kavala shivala ahe!” ( a lose translation is- she came in contact with a crow!). (Now crow was supposed to be an important bird only on the tenth day of death of a person as on that day the crow had to part take offering made to it. If he did not assumed that the dead has some unfulfilled wishes!) We children wondered how this happens practically every few days but had no guts to ask. Fortunately this nonsense was no being practiced in my family!
Second source of sex education was mythology. Stories of how Kings and Queens who did not have children prayed to some god or other and how then they had a child!
King Dashrath was childless in spite of his three queens. He performed “Yadnya” and the god gave him “Prasad” on consumption of which his three queens produced four children and all were male! As a matter of fact part of that “Prasad” fell in the hands of Anjani and she consumed it and gave birth to “Hanuman”!
Mahabharat has more interesting education. Dhtritarashtra was blind because his mother had closed her eyes out of fear during the time he seems to have been conceived! This was not told to us in these words!
Pandu was childless so his two queens invoked gods as Kunti had been given that power by Durvas Rishi, which she invoked once before marriage and gave birth to Karna and then abandoned him. Then she invoked it three more times and then passed it on to Madri who invoked it once and they in all had four more sons! Note that they all only got sons and no daughters! Madri actually, we are told invoked Ashwini Kumars the twins and the result was predictable even she had twins! (I hope Roger Federer and his wife who have two sets of twins never hear this!)
I rest my case as to why our children need scientific sex education urgently!